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DAY 2 - SUNRISE - Stand-ins rehearsing the bike scene that wasn't used

The Interview

This is me with Terry, the makeup lady. She spent a good hour each day making me look natural and then followed me around with her little bag in case I forgot and rubbed my eye or something.

She was very patient and had the courtesy to to refuse to admit that I was the greatest challenge of her personal career.

It was cool that morning - and was fixing to get cooler.

Hurry up and wait.

These folks had tons of very expensive equipment. Out there in the blowing sand.

They must have really wanted to film us bad.

The Spectator Shot

The keen eye will pick out the Grateful Dunehead - resplendent in his tie dye. Thanks to him and the nice folks over at Windchasers Kite shop for all the cool windtoys in the background.

Did I mention it was cold?

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